Monday, April 8, 2013

Filming of Mediacorp and various medias

Friday, March 29, 2013

Free online stocks investment courses

I had 23 years of investing in the stock market 1990, some of my friends ask me to guide them investing in stocks.

Many of the retirees hope to make better returns from their money then putting it inside the banks which get low interest rates.

Sometimes some friends will ask me to guide them using the computers or online trade in stocks.

I feel that it is a good cause to return to society.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I received a cheque from Google

Some years ago I received a cheque from google.

Friday, March 30, 2012

How I help 3 persons who had financial difficulties to financial secure


In the army I known a person sitting behind me with a rusty typewriter in our clerk course at NSF in 1981

James failed his clerk course, but he got promoted just 7 months in the NSF. I was promoted only after one year 3 months even I passed the clerk course. He told me must know how to caring people, that why he was promoted even he failed the clerk course so fast.

He was a hardworking guy I saw him always reading behind me. He let me see his POSB account which had very little money at that time.

He told me he got little friends, he went into properties broking in the early 80s and doing well and let me see his check.

Every saturday he would drive his Nissan Sunny to my one room rented flat and we went to Orchard Rd and Marine Parade and dialogued until the wee hours of the morning and drive me to newton circus and marine parde to gave me a treat because of his lucative career in properties, I was struggling with 4 dollars paid per day.

He would called me few hours everyday and talk about business, last time telephone call is unlimited, which I always gave him encouragement when he is facing business problems.

I guided him to go to tackles girls, soon he got a girl friend and later he married the secretary and rarely came to visit me. On one occasion he drive me to his landed properties at Seletar. I saw beside his bed were many inspiring books.

In 97 the market collapsed I was in serious trouble and going to married he gave me $1K, on day I am going to marry, he drive with his Mercedes Benz to the marriage bureau to register with his wife and gave my relatives together a big treat.


A classmate of mine and friend of 38 years, was renting a flat for $700, I told him in the early 90s to get a flat direct from the govt, don't to wait. In early 90s those flat people didn't want.

He went down and got a five flat at Pasir Ris, later he sold and buy another 4 room and fully paid. He got a car. He studied until sec 2 and now financial secure. He is very gratitude to me for helping him.


A relative of mine had a run down 4 rooms flat, nearly everything broken in his house, very difficult to sell.

I took out $5K to repair and renovated his house and sold his flat at the best price. Help him to buy a house in Toa Payoh at $250K at valuation, don't need to take out any COV in the 90s.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An exciting and unforgetable overnight camping trip to P. Tekong with my classmate

Camping at Palau Tekong.

Together with classmates from other classes of UATS at East Coast Park/Palau Tekong

Few of my classmates together with other classes from Upper Aljunied Technical School, decided to camp in Palau Tekong.

A schoolmate Ah Han's(Aga Koh) grandmother stayed there. He brought us to his grandmother's house to pluck some coconuts. I volunteer to climb up.

I would climb up and one by one kicked the coconuts down. With ants bites.

Which is one of my happiest moment in my life. I was nearly killed. After 40 years I was still in touch with my classmate Mike. Which I recently met him, he married a Swedish wife.

Jason Quek used to co ordinate many of our activities.

I love to read about Mark Twain books on adventures. But my life was not less adventurous.

At an instancse at the beach, a group of us, decide to walk to a small island some distance away from the beach.

That was low tide, but things change swiftly the tide raise rapidly, we were stranded. All of us panic, we were grabbing anything we can.

I thought I could be drowned. But luckily my friend found a piece of wood, so I and him able to swim safety back to the beach, what a close call. Fortunately few of us were not drowned.

I heard there were cocodiles there. 

I person tricked us to a group confrontation, fortunately nothing happen.

The immense pleasure of  watching the morning sun rise and set, made it some of the happiest moment of my life.

The pure and unrestricted mood, enhanced the joys.

At night fall Mike took out a guitar and kept strumming. and singing together. We would watched the amazing beautiful full moon. What an unforgettable sight.

We chitchat to the wee hour of the morning.

We planned to stay there a week but after 5 days, the weather conditions and food, made it difficult to continue, so we decided to call it a day.

In the morning we walk around the beach, its an interesting sights lots of colourful creatures were crawling around the beach in the transparent water, in the low tide.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Will this the next Ion Orchard?

The developer of the highly successful The Ion Orchard, Capitaland, is also the developer of the
 $1 billion dollar shopping, commercial & cultural centre at One North & Buona Vista MRT.

See the similiarity, both had 4 storey basements.

Photo above the construction of the billion dollar shopping, commercial & cultural centre.

Photo below is The Ion Orchard